There's a Jasmine Perfume for Everyone (2024)

There's a Jasmine Perfume for Everyone (1)

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There's a Jasmine Perfume for Everyone (2)

By Gabrielle Ulubay


As we make out way through the winter months, I like to brighten up my beauty routine with a floral perfume. Yes, warm vanilla and gourmand scents fit into the cozy vibe of the colder months, but there's nothing like rose, iris, or lavender scent to inject a bit of spring energy into one's day. And my flower of choice recently? Jasmine.

According to Alexandra Balahoutis, perfumer and founder of Strange Invisible Perfumes, jasmine is "an anytime, anywhere sort of scent." She says, "It's really good for lifting spirits, increasing alertness, and it's an aphrodisiac, so it's a very useful essence if you're trying to start some romance," adding that she associates the fragrance most strongly with love.

"It's kind of nice because there's something sentimental about it—it's floral and it's sweet, and it isn't trying to be cool," she says, but contrasts it with florals like rose and iris, which have a more "prim, Victorian" reputation. "But at the same time it's very exotic and worldly, and it has a lot of backbone."

Indeed, jasmine has its origins in Iran, and has also been grown in India, China, Morocco, Egypt, and elsewhere. It has since spread across Europe and North America because of its alluring scent (and the delicious tea it makes), and it can now be found as far from its home as Southern France and sunny Los Angeles.

Jasmine perfumes are a staple in any fragrance lover's collection. "I almost think there wouldn't be any perfumery without jasmine," Balahoutis admits. "It's a heart note, and it's aromatherapeutic."

But there are so many jasmine scents on the market—not to mention so many variations of the scent—that it can be challenging for the uninitiated shopper to find a jasmine perfume that works best for them. Thus, we've asked Balahoutis to break down how to shop for in a jasmine perfume. Plus, we've researched countless jasmine fragrances to bring you the best ones all-around.

What to Look For in a Jasmine Perfume

Type of Jasmine

Did you know that there's more than one type of jasmine? And the type you pick can drastically change the character of your fragrance.

"There are two types of jasmine that are mostly used in botanical perfume," Balahoutis explains. "One is called jasmine grandiflorum, which is the typical jasmine that we’re used to. It’s got a little more depth to it; it’s kind of a bit creamy and buttery. Then, jasmine sambac is a bit more of a top note. It’s a bit brighter, and it has almost more of a berry scent." In contrast, she says that jasmine grandiflorum "can strattle the base note and heart note worlds"—though these aren't hard and fast rules, and both types of jasmine find themselves falling "all over the map" in terms of top notes, heart notes, and base notes.

And still, both types bring the romance.

"They’re both night blooming flowers, so they’re definitely associated with the night and the heart chakra, and they just have a very rich, unapologetically sweet, floral scent," she says, adding that even so, jasmine works on all genders.

Scent Pairings

"There are so many things that jasmine carries with beautifully, with which is why it's such a predominant ingredient in fragrances," says Balahoutis. "It pairs really beautifully with sandalwood and with rose. It smells really gorgeous with bergamot and citruses. It goes beautifully with so many different essences."

She also adds that jasmine and ylang ylang pair wonderfully, as the latter can enhance jasmine's "mood-boosting" qualities.

The Best Jasmine Perfumes

There's a Jasmine Perfume for Everyone (3)

Strange Invisible Perfumes Fair Verona

"In Fair Verona is definitely the jasmine lover's delight in our collection," says Balahoutis of this option, which channels romance in both composition and in name. "That is the first fragrance we go to when we think of jasmine. It's inspired by Romeo and Juliet, and the composition is around 80 percent jasmine, and then it has iris, some Italian citruses, some sandalwood, some myrtle, and some other elements to sort of season it and make it really unique.

Pros: expert-approved; potent; small batch; made from natural botanicals; made with organic grape alcohol

Cons: low projection/lift, according to some reviewers

Customer Review: "Starts off with heavily indolic jasmine. The jasmine calms down within the first hour (although I detect it throughout the 6-8 hours of wear) to an incredible, very realistic rich white floral. Then the powdery mimosa and creamy, incense-y sandalwood warm up, both bringing a little green/stemmy character into the mix while also grounding it. The cardamom and grapefruit are both there as well, giving the barest hint of spiced citrus.One of my favorites! I agree with another reviewer - this is a masterpiece. As with all Strange Invisible Perfumes' fragrances, projection is low—I happen to like this, but something to be aware of if you prefer high projection perfumes." -Fragrantica

There's a Jasmine Perfume for Everyone (4)

Diptyque Olène Eau de Toilette

Between their candles and their fragrances, Diptyque is one of the most beloved scent brands right now, and even sits at the top of our list of the best French fragrance brands right now. Celebrities from Meghan Markle to Beyoncé have extolled the virtues of this premium, aesthetically pleasing brand, and I can’t blame them—especially when it comes to fragrances like Olène. Inspired by the Roman goddess of flowers, Flora, Olène draws from the smell of decadent Venetian gardens, relying on jasmine along with wisteria, honeysuckle, and narcissus.

Pros: popular scent and brand; lots of lift

Cons: some reviewers say it doesn't last very long

Customer Review: "I've purchased these perfumes not long ago, but absolutely love the fragrance. Notes of white flowers, narcissus at the beginning, then jasmine and honeysuckle, remind me of my spring breaks I spent in a village in Polish countryside. Gives me a big punch of nostalgia." -Nordstrom

There's a Jasmine Perfume for Everyone (5)

Gya Labs Jasmine Essential Oil

"Jasmine is a nice essence sort of on its own,” says Balahoutis, “so if people really love jasmine, it wouldn't be a terrible idea to just use a pure jasmine oil and a carry it like that. Of all the essences we work with, some of them require a lot of interpretation and really need to be diluted, and they can also cause sensitivities and things like that—but jasmine isn't on that list, so it's a good one to just use straight.”

Pros: expert-recommended; portable; pure; organic; affordable

Cons: because it's an oil, won't have a lot of lift or projection

There's a Jasmine Perfume for Everyone (6)

Atelier des Fleurs Jasminum Sambac Eau de Parfum

"I've been searching for the perfect jasmine perfume for my entire adult life, consistently disappointed by scents that promised yet never delivered on the delicate yet unmistakable notes these flowers are known for. Thankfully, I stumbled across this one in our magazine's beauty closet a few years ago and have never looked back. It's light and fresh and captures the essence of the dewy jasmine garlands that decorated our homes and hair during my childhood in India." -Neha Prakash, Entertainment Director

Pros: editor-approved; delicate

Cons: some users say it doesn't last long enough

Customer Review: "I grow Jasmine polyanthum at home and this perfume smells just like the flower. It's a beautiful light airy scent and I am delighted to find something just like pink jasmine in a bottle." -Nordstrom

There's a Jasmine Perfume for Everyone (7)

LilaNur Incarnation Eau de Parfum

"The brand LilaNur is a love letter to the iconic fragrances of India and the renowned perfumeries of France—so it's fitting that this particular one will make you feel like Rajasthani royalty on a trip to Versailles. It features a complex blend of jasmine and rose with underlying notes of black pepper and patchouli, so it's comes across much more bold and velvety than standard floral scents. I especially love it for date nights or for chilly, winter evenings." -NP

Pros: editor-approved; long-lasting; a little goes a long way

Cons: expensive

Customer Review: "It reminds me a little bit of rose soap, but far more robust and luxurious. Looking at the notes now, besides the obvious rose, the aldehydes, pepper, and jasmine stick out to me more, while the labdanum and Otis root provide body and depth." -Fragrantica

Florence Eau de Parfum

I had a phase in late college when I wore this scent all of the time. Per dozens of reviewers and my own experience, it’s definitely for floral lovers, as it draws not only from jasmine but from gardenia, violet leaf, iris, and grapefruit leaf. However, it doesn’t have that headache-inducing quality that so many floral fragrances have, because notes of apple, pear, and bergamot give it a light, airy quality, while hints of musk and white woods ground it and keep it sticking to you all day long.

Pros: lasts long; editor-approved

Cons: too floral for some

Customer Review: "My number one issue with perfumes is that they dont last, and im extremely picky with my scents. I absolutely LOVE this perfume! It lasts all day, and the Florence scent is classic and smells expensive. This is my new go-to!" -Ulta

There's a Jasmine Perfume for Everyone (9)

Strange Invisible Perfumes L'Invisible

"L'Invisible is definitely very layered, so it has a lot of different essences in it,” says Balahoutis. “It's very balanced; it's a very nuanced classical composition where you're taking lots and lots of different base notes, heart notes, and top notes to create this veil where there isn't really one particular scent dominating it. There is no essence in it that's completely out for itself, but it does have quite a bit of jasmine. It also has ylang ylang. Ylang ylang and jasmine pair so beautifully together, and that highlights jasmine’s exotic richness and warmth, taking it in more of a golden direction.”

Pros: warm; complex; expert-approved; not too floral or heavy

Cons: low projection/lift, according to some reviewers

Customer Review: "This is such an pretty, delicate fragrance...On me, it's the kind of scent that fuses to the skin, creating the illusion that I just naturally smell like flowers. There's nothing cluttered or contrived here, no shouting for attention." -Fragrantica

There's a Jasmine Perfume for Everyone (10)

Le Labo Jasmin 17 Eau de Parfum

This fragrance from fan favorite brand Le Labo is meant to be an update to the traditional jasmine scent. It’s a distinctive, potent floral blend of jasmine, neroli, and orange blossom. However, these spring-like notes are balanced out by musk, sandalwood, and vanilla, which lend it an earthier, woodier quality that makes it smell sensual but not overly feminine. Reviewers love it—including those who say they don’t normally opt for jasmine or otherwise floral fragrances.

Pros: complex; balanced; highly rated

Cons: expensive

Customer Review: "This scent is elegant, with notes of Jasmine, Orange Flower and a basenote of Vanilla. It's subtle enough that it doesn't offend, but lasting enough that it creates a signature scent." -Nordstrom

There's a Jasmine Perfume for Everyone (11)

Dior Jasmin des Anges

If you’re a luxury lover, consider this jasmine fragrance from Dior. It’s meant to evoke the sense of walking through fields of jasmine in Grasse, and its name is a reference to Nice’s Baie des Anges. While it heavily leans on jasmine, of course, this scent also incorporates fruity elements like apricot. And although the brand describes this fragrance as “intensely floral,” reviewers describe it as lightweight and refreshing. It’s very potent per drop, though, so remember that a little goes a long way.

Pros: potent; long lasting; light

Cons: expensive; small bottle

Customer Review: "Love this scent. It's a fresh jasmine scent. I love sweet floral scents. This scent isn't too sweet so it's unisex. Although it's not very long lasting on my dry skin, the silage is fantastic." -Dior

There's a Jasmine Perfume for Everyone (12)

Byredo Flowerhead Eau de Parfum, 3.4 oz.

This popular scent by Byredo taps into Balahoutis’ point that jasmine fragrances are for people of all genders, as this scent was crafted to be unisex. It contains top notes on angelica, lemon, and cranberry, which give it a lightness that balances out the heavily flowery middle notes of jasmine sambac, rose petal, and tuberose. Finally, for a lingering, mature, and distinctly masculine touch, it’s made with base notes of ambergris and suede.

Pros: unisex; long lasting

Cons: expensive; some find it too tart

Customer Review: "Starts off a fresh sweet jasmine but dries into a powerful tuberose scent! Must love white florals." -Fragrantica

Meet the Expert

There's a Jasmine Perfume for Everyone (13)

Alexandra Balahoutis

Alexandra Balahoutis is an expert perfumer and founder of Strange Invisible Perfumes, a small batch perfumery based in Los Angeles that uses organic grape alcohol for its fragrances.

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There's a Jasmine Perfume for Everyone (14)

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There's a Jasmine Perfume for Everyone (2024)


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