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Yellowstone RV Rentals

If you’re ready for a serious, life-affirming road trip, an RV rental to Yellowstone National Park is just what you need. Yellowstone RV rentals are a convenient way to visit the park and stay at one of the many campgrounds.

There are tons of sights and destinations to explore in and around the park, from the famous Old Faithful to the relaxing hot springs. Yellowstone National Park measures 3,500 square miles and stretches across three states, so it's easy to spend a month or more here living in your recreational vehicle and enjoying the splendor of Mother Nature.

Do your research before going; certain routes are better than others for driving an RV. You’ll also want to book your spot in advance, as the park gets busy during the summer months.

Popular RV Destinations in Yellowstone

Yellowstone Hot Springs

On the north side of Yellowstone National Park, you’ll find the hot springs. Let all of your stress and anxiety go as you soak in the fresh, warm water. The water is 150 degrees and pumped a mile and a half from its source.

There are five pools to choose from, a 105-degree, 98-degree, and 68-degree pool. The remaining two pools are Kneipp pools that are designed for you to walk through and alternate between hot and cold to invigorate your entire body. The experience will rejuvenate your body and mind as you release stress and anxiety.

There are never any chemicals used as the springs have a flow-through system that rotates 70,000 gallons of water throughout the pools every eight hours. There are small alcoves throughout for a private experience as you appreciate the 360-degree mountain views. You can drive your RV to the springs, with full hookups available on site.

Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Sample the tasty morsels that are made in the original food trucks called the chuck wagon. This is just one of the traditional old west experiences you can have at this Smithsonian-affiliated complex consisting of five museums spanning 300,000 square feet.

There’s a Buffalo Bill Museum featuring the possessions of Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley. The Plains Indian Museum tells you the stories of the plains with artifacts of the 1800s. The Cody Firearms Museum boasts over 10,000 artifacts designed to spark a meaningful conversation about firearms for enthusiasts.

The Draper Natural History Museum is a kid-friendly museum that gives you an immersive experience of Yellowstone. The Whitney Western Art Museum is a dream for the art enthusiast, with masterpieces from Bierstadt, Moran, Remington, and Russell.

Events and Entertainment in Yellowstone

Targhee Music Festival and Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival

These two music festivals take place in Teton valley during the height of summer in July and August. Just steps away from the Grand Targhee Resort at 7,800 feet, you’ll enjoy music, great food, and the mountain lifestyle. Sustainability is a central focus of the events and encourages sustainability and the preservation of the natural beauty around you.

Talented artists from all over the area come to show off their skills. Attending this event is easy in your RV with the on-site camping just steps away from the venue. Or you can give yourself a few days of luxury by staying at the resort for the event.

Native American Powwows

Learn about the rich heritage of the Native Americans that call the area home. Twice a year, there are two major powwows. You’ll feel the drum beating, hear the singing, and see the colorful dancers as they perform traditional dances.

Each event begins with a grand entrance. Community elders bring eagle feathers and flags. You’ll see participants in full handmade regalia that features feathers, bones, beadwork, shells, and family heirlooms.

When the event is in full swing, you can taste traditional foods, including Indian stew, tacos, and fry bread. Browse the many stalls of handmade items and purchase unique pieces to take home with you.

Taste of the Trails

Do something a little different and participate in this 5K that serves food. Ski or snowshoe your way through the Rendezvous Ski Trails. Along the way, you’ll enjoy multiple food stations that serve appetizers, soup, a main course, and dessert.

Past offerings include homemade cream puffs, chocolate chip cookie bars, and bread pudding from local bakeries. Once the race is over, you can sit back and relax to live music. Warm up by the fire and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Party with your fellow racers and become a part of the cross-country skiing community. This event is great for the whole family with children in carriers or chariots free to attend.


Q: What are RV Rentals?

Renting an RV gives you the freedom to vacation and travel on your own timeline while staying in the comfort of your own space. When you rent instead of buy, you don’t have to worry about long-term maintenance care. It’s also easy to travel to your chosen destination and spend more time exploring and less time traveling to and from.

Q: How Much are RV Rentals?

RV rentals in Yellowstone can vary in price depending on the RV’s size and your rental duration. Many renters will give daily discounts for more extended rental periods. A small camper trailer will be the most affordable, while a full motorhome will cost the most.

Q: Do I need to be a certain age to rent an RV in Yellowstone?

The majority of RV renters require you to be at least 25 years old. However, you may find a private owner willing to rent to someone younger in exchange for an additional deposit.

Q: Do I need insurance when I rent an RV?

You should always have insurance when operating any kind of motor vehicle. This includes your RV rental. Some renters will include insurance in the rental. You can also check with your car insurance company for additional coverage during your road trip.

Q: Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

Most RV renters require you to return your RV rental with as much fuel as it had when you picked it up. However, you should check your rental agreement before leaving to know what’s required of you.

Q: Are RVs pet-friendly in Yellowstone?

Yes, there are many RV renters in the Yellowstone area that welcome pets. Some will have breed and size restrictions that are suitable for the size of RV, camper, or motorhome they have available. You may also need to pay an additional pet deposit.

RV Rental Yellowstone | The Drive (2024)


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