Luxury kitchen ideas – 10 lavish design rules for the heart of your home (2024)

The best luxury kitchen ideas include classic and contemporary schemes to suit every home's style – and we have included a ton of added-value interior design advice, too.

So whether your luxury kitchen design is expansive, open-plan, a shared family space or on the compact side, there are plenty of kitchen ideas with high-end looks to suit.Plus, we have catered to a wide variety of kitchen styles, color preferences, and kitchen layouts, and, as ever, there are ideas you can adopt quickly – and whole-renovation inspiration for your all your luxury kitchen ideas, no matter the cost. All of which will make a kitchen look expensive.

Luxury kitchen ideas

Embrace the best kitchen layout ideas, modern kitchen materials, on-trend kitchen color ideas and mood-boosting kitchen lighting ideas to create a luxury kitchen that is world-class.

We asked the interior design experts to share their top luxury kitchen ideas, and found some impeccable examples to inspire your next kitchen remodel.

1. Invest in a luxurious surface

Luxury kitchen ideas – 10 lavish design rules for the heart of your home (1)

(Image credit: Ledbury Studio)

From chunky profiles and slab style to material mixes and clever illumination, it's time to see kitchen countertops in a new light.

‘If you want to elevate luxuriousness in the kitchen, a waterfall countertop never fails to produce a show-stopping feature. Rather than a standard flat slab of stone sat on top, the countertop ‘flows’ over the sides to the floor, which creates a very dramatic look,’ says Charlie Smallbone, founder of Ledbury Studio.

This modern kitchen island idea is an excellent example, featuring a porcelain waterfall top on two sides with a brass trim that complements the stunning solid brass front panels. In contrast to the smooth porcelain top, the solid brass has been distressed by hand, then aged and patinated.

2. Invest in a statement island

Luxury kitchen ideas – 10 lavish design rules for the heart of your home (2)

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

Harness the full potential of this coveted kitchen focal point by choosing bold shapes, materials and design twists for your kitchen island ideas.

Think outside the box with an island shape that’s totally unique. ‘It’s a brave move to step beyond classic rectangular designs but the pay-off can be huge in terms of visual impact in a luxury kitchen.

Here, we designed the kitchen island to look like a beautiful piece of furniture. It reflects the owners’ adventurous personality, while also helping to zone the open-plan kitchen,’ explains Jane Powell, designer, Roundhouse.

3. Light the way in a luxury space

Luxury kitchen ideas – 10 lavish design rules for the heart of your home (3)

(Image credit: Caesarstone)

A layered approach to modern kitchen lighting ideas not only set the mood to your kitchen but will also bring interest and depth to a luxury kitchen.

Sourcing lighting that shares a design dialogue with your kitchen furniture will help your scheme feel sophisticated and considered. Look for light fittings in similar shapes, thicknesses and, of course, co-ordinating finishes.

Here, the horizontal bars of the pendant lights artfully align with the brass trim on the cabinetry behind. Warm metallic finishes can be hard to match, so do request samples before you buy. Ensure brass items are either all lacquered or all unlacquered to retain uniformity. If the taps you like don’t come in a matching brass, choose black, which goes with any metal

4. Embrace the beauty of wood

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(Image credit: Espresso Design)

Wood kitchen cabinet ideas are are being reinterpreted with fresh and interesting techniques. Dark timber designs for luxury kitchens have stepped into the light. The traditional hues and craftsmanship of antique furniture have been deftly brought up to date with contemporary lines and detailing.

‘Combining darker tones with lighter finishes allows our designers to balance the feeling of solidity and depth, while still making the most of any natural light,’ explains Andrew Hamilton Barr, director, Espresso Design.

Here, Cesar’s Intarsio range takes its inspiration from traditional marquetry to create doors with distinctive cross direction veneers that are paired with dark marble to create a unique and luxurious kitchen.

5. Introduce a two-tone color combination

Luxury kitchen ideas – 10 lavish design rules for the heart of your home (5)

(Image credit: Middleton )

Why choose one when you can have two? A pleasing pairing of cabinetry shades will deliver depth and interest to a luxury kitchen.

Worried your current color crush won’t last? ‘The beauty of painted kitchen ideas and two-tone kitchens is that in time, should fashions or your taste change, it’s simple to create a new look, especially if you restrict your bold choice to one unit, like an island or dresser,’ says Jasper Middleton, design director, Middleton Bespoke.

‘When choosing bold shades it’s important to consider the architecture of the space as a whole in order to give the color room to breathe,’ he adds. ‘Here the bold pop of orange is balanced by the soaring ceiling and simple backdrop of polished concrete and blue-grey hues.’

6. Use nature-made materials

Luxury kitchen ideas – 10 lavish design rules for the heart of your home (6)

(Image credit: minotticucine London)

For a truly one-off modern kitchen island idea, look to naturally unique materials. ‘We love to use nature-made materials in a very contemporary way,’ says Achala Knights, head of design at minotticucine London. ‘The contrast between the natural fluidity of defined woodgrain or heavily veined marble, against the crisp lines of modern cabinetry feels unexpected. The simple form of our furniture means there are no visual distractions, just the beauty of nature.’

7. Employ an architect and kitchen designer

Luxury kitchen ideas – 10 lavish design rules for the heart of your home (7)

(Image credit: Wolf)

Take inspiration from the professionals and enjoy a chef's kitchen that's fully equipped for your culinary adventures. Chef's kitchens are the ultimate in luxury for any budding cook. Technological advances in luxury kitchen design mean that creating a professional or gourmet kitchen is even easier to achieve than ever before.

A good kitchen designer will be able to come up with solutions for the smallest of spaces, but if you are considering structural work, it is worth consulting an experienced architect.

When choosing kitchen lighting, you will need to include task, mood and feature lighting. Task lighting is the most practical and covers hardworking areas like the prep space, cooking area and the sink; mood lighting creates different atmospheres and feature lighting is eye-catching and can simply introduce a bit of ambiance – perfect for entertaining in your luxury kitchen.

8. Keep it classical with a pure white kitchen

Luxury kitchen ideas – 10 lavish design rules for the heart of your home (8)

(Image credit: Charles Yorke / Darren Chung)

There’s nothing crisper than a pure white kitchen; whether that’s a high gloss design or a traditional country one, it’s a look that lasts, no matter what the latest kitchen trend may be. If you’re minimalist at heart and love fuss-free luxury kitchen ideas then this is the look for you.

Beautiful craftsmanship and simple lines are the hallmarks of a luxury white kitchen idea. ‘White has become a popular choice for classical designs. It makes cabinetry look very crisp and sophisticated and the space feels instantly brighter yet also very calming,’ says Stephanie Dedes, design and marketing manager at Charles Yorke’s Pirbright showroom.

9. Focus on the details

Luxury kitchen ideas – 10 lavish design rules for the heart of your home (9)

(Image credit: Michael Sinclair)

Now found on glass, sinks, backsplashes and kitchen cabinet ideas, ribbed surfaces are making waves in luxury kitchen design. In contemporary settings, fluted patterns can be used to provide 3D interest – just enough to add character, while retaining the simplicity required to work in modern designs.

‘Fluted surfaces catch the light, creating deep shadows and texture within a room, and are particularly effective when set against a simple white space,’ agrees Stuart Piercy, founding director, Piercy&Company.

‘In natural solid materials, like the American black walnut and Calacatta Crema marble backsplashes' used in this luxury kitchen for the BBC Television Centre residential redevelopment in west London, fluting reveals the beautiful grain pattern and vein running through the core. It is an intriguing detail with wonderful depth.’

Luxury kitchen ideas – 10 lavish design rules for the heart of your home (10)

(Image credit: deVOL)

High-shine finishes are causing a stir in the luxury kitchen space. There’s no greater example of how luxury kitchen ideas and interior design have become intertwined than with metal backsplash ideas.Think wonderfully warm copper to cool steel backsplash ideas for kitchens and kitchen countertop ideas.

Custom fabricated metallic surfaces can be welded or soldered at the corners to eliminate bacteria-attracting joints. In this luxury kitchen, deVOL used aged copper on the backsplash, worktop and integrated sink for a seamless installation. ‘Copper has amazing antibacterial properties, too, which makes it hygienic. It looks chic and glamorous, yet can kill pathogens in minutes,’ says creative director Helen Parker.

What makes a kitchen look luxury?

There are many ways to make your kitchen look luxury. Given that the major purchases in a kitchen are usually the cabinetry, the appliances and furniture, it can be easy to overlook the power of paint and pattern. And yet floor and wall finishes, beautifully lit, can provide some of the most exciting ways to enhance your luxury kitchen. While a simple coat of fresh paint, a dramatic new floor or a statement backsplash can transform an existing room into a luxurious space.

Finally, we recommend investing in modern materials that will stand the test of time. For true luxury and opulence, go for polished marble. 'Beautiful to look at and cool to touch, marble is highly desirable. ‘It’s one of our favorite countertop options,’ says Claire Birkbeck, kitchen designer at Neptune.

What does every luxury kitchen need?

Every luxury kitchen should be kitted out with the best kitchen appliances. Appliances are amongst the most used components of a kitchen,and can elevate both the room’s design, functionality and sense of luxury.

As one of the most essential appliances in the kitchen, it’s important that your oven meets the requirements of your family. However, there is no need to compromise on style. Particularly for bigger households, mealtimes can be a little testing, so consider making cooking easier by investing in a state-of-the-art double oven.

Luxury kitchen ideas – 10 lavish design rules for the heart of your home (2024)


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